IFS Food Safety Certification

list of iso consultants in kerala

International featured standards (IFS) food is a GFSI recognised standard for certifying the safety and the quality of food products and production process. You can save time and money by reducing the number of repeat audits by using the standardised IFS Food evaluation system. The programme offers standards that bring uniformity and transparency, improving the understanding of quality and safety procedures throughout your organisation and throughout your whole supply chain.

Insight Quality Consultancy Services is one of the leading companies in Kerala that offers quality consultancy services in Kerala and also in various fields such as food safety and quality management. The company has a team of experienced professionals who offer their services to clients from all over the world including India. Insight Quality Consultancy Services offers IFS certification, organic certification consultants in Kerala and environment management among other services to its clients.


It is important to have a certification in place for your food products. Quality assurance is key. Especially nowadays with all the food scares and recalls in the media. However, it can be exhausting to find that perfect consultant for your needs. Insight Consulting brings you a list of top quality consultants in Kerala who offer a variety of services including IFS certification and organic certification among others.

Insights a recognised certification authority for the International Featured Standard that provides you with more than a certificate. Additionally to performing IFS Food audits, we can help you all the way through the certification procedure. We provide training food safety supervisor training in Kochi, follow-up audits, and certification renewals to help ensure continuity. We possess the knowledge, practical experience, and worldwide reach.


  • Increased and better domestic and international product acceptability
  • Enhanced brand recognition, sales, and profitability
  • Improved and increased awareness of the need of adhering to quality standards across all organisation participants and employees
  • Bring a reputable food manufacturing system, improving your credibility and building trust.
  • Encourage coordinated and efficient monitoring and auditing.
  • Improve the enterprise’s overall operations and efficiency.
  • Facilitates the smooth performance of trade transactions
  • Results raised productivity and revenue

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