IFS is basically a globally recognized food standard for auditing of food safety, quality of products and manufacturing processes. IFS is relevant when products are manufactured and/or merely engaged in packing loose food products. IFS is applicable when food products are subject to the perils of hazard, contamination and any other effects endangering human health during manufacture or on primary packing. The IFS food standard is to ensure quality of food products is viewed important by food producers including those who engaged labelling and branding.

  • To create unified standard for evaluation of food safety
  • To serve and integrate the directions of accreditation bodies and IFS auditors
  • To ensure food safety on manufacture and primary packing
  • To establish sound management policy decisions regarding food safety and quality
  • Better and improved acceptance of products domestic and abroad
  • Improved business image, sales and profitability
  • Better and enhanced consciousness among all organisational participants and workers to adhere to quality measures
  • Bring a professional food production system leading to improved credibility and trust.
  • Facilitate a harmonised and effective monitoring and audit.
  • Bring overall improvement and efficiency of operations of then enterprise
  • Facilitates trade operations to be conducted smoothly
  • Results improved performance and profits