National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH)

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NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) works under the Quality Council of India. It is established to provide accreditation to healthcare organizations. It caters to the major needs of people. They set criteria for the development of the health industry. It strives to be the main healthcare accreditation at the national level with global benchmarks. Insight provides quality consultancy services in Kerala. NABH accreditation is useful for the population including patients, organizations, staff, and regulatory bodies.

Benefits for Patients:

The major benefit of NABH accreditation is for the patients. It is definitely because accreditation leads to high-quality patient care and safety. The patients are looked after by the certified and trustworthy medical staff. Patients’ rights are given due respect. They feel protected as the accreditation focuses on quality health care. The satisfaction of the patients is regularly evaluated. Their complaints are quickly addressed.

The services provided by the organizations are continuously checked. Billing transparency is ensured. The organizations make sure that nothing goes wrong. One of the main aims of accreditation is the welfare of patients. Accreditation ensures that due respect is given to the patients. In decision-making, patients’ care is given importance. Only well-trained and qualified staff are allowed to treat the patients. We are one of the best NABH accreditation consultants in Kerala.

Benefits for Organization:

Accreditation for organizations dealing with healthcare leads to constant improvement. The commitment to quality care will be fostered in all organizations. Being the top quality consultancy services in Kerala, we help our clients to get accreditation. The organizations that get accredited will be more committed to the safety of the patients and thus results in wonderful clinical outcomes. The confidence of the people in healthcare organizations can be greatly improved through accreditation. Since the services are provided to the people by trustworthy staff, people will feel more confident. The benchmark gives an opportunity to the organization to prove that they are the best if they can prove their excellence. Accreditation gives an advantage when it comes to marketing. It is an opportunity to make people know that your organization is up to the mark. Insight is the leading global supply chain certification consultant in Kerala.

Benefits for Staff:

Accredited hospital staff will achieve a sense of satisfaction as it provides them with immense opportunities to learn and grow. There will be a good working environment in accredited organizations. They are also provided with an opportunity to increase their leadership skills. The competency of the staff and their efficiency can be greatly improved. Thus the overall performance level will rise. Accreditation also results in the professional development, competency, and knowledge of the staff.

Benefits to the Regulatory Bodies:

Accreditation gives access to certified and reliable information regarding infrastructure, facilities, and care. Thus, accreditation is beneficial for all the stakeholders like patients, staff, organizations and regulatory bodies. Among these patients will receive the best of benefits. In a nutshell, the satisfaction of the patients is the major concern of NABH.


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