What is a PCB Certificate?

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Ministry of Environment and Forests (1985) has implemented numerous controls on pollution. These controls are implemented either directly or through the Central Pollution Control Boards and State Control Boards. They are accountable for controlling the waste discharge and pollutants into the environment. They are the ones who are responsible for issuing a PCB (Pollution Control Board) certificate to those industries who stick on by the rules and regulations. Insight provide the best quality consultation services in Kochi that ensures that the companies receive accreditation of the valid agencies. The PCB certificate enables legal and safer trade of dangerous waste materials. For a country’s sustainability, better waste treatment is crucial. It is necessary to maintain the good health of the citizens of a country.

Why PCB certificate is required for selling hazardous wastes?

  • The industries that produce non-ferrous metal waste can neither sell, nor auction used oil or waste oli, non-ferrous metal waste, etc to all. It can only be done to a refiner who has a a valid PCB certificate. Such people can recycle or re-refine the waste within the time period of validity given in his certificate of registration. We offer the top quality consultation services in Kerala, and provide guidance to the companies to receive the PCB certificate.
  • All the wastes cannot be sold or auctioned. It can be disposed only in special hazardous waste incinerator. These are installed with devices that control air pollution. These should also meet emission standards laid down by a PCB certificate.
  • There are certain things that the waste generating industry has to ensure. During sale or auction, the industry should check the validity period of PCB certificate of the recycler or re-refiner. They should ensure that the validity period is enough to reprocess the waste that is auctioned or sold to the person. Insight is also the leading industrial standard certification consultants in Kerala.
  • The generators of waste should be able to ensure that the waste should not be stored for more than three months. They should also maintain the proof of all the sales and auctions of the waste. This record should then be given for Inspections to the State Pollution Control Board or Committee, which will help them to retain their PCB certificates.
  • Every year, by 31st January, the annual returns of sale and auction have to be filed by the waste generators to the respective State Pollution Control Board or Committee. It ensures that the PCB certificate remains valid without cancellation.
  • The use of dangerous waste as a resource can be done only after receiving permission from the State Pollution Control Board for different wastes. This authorization will be made on the basis of standard operating guidelines or procedures established by the Central Pollution Control Board.
  • A ‘No Objection Certificate’ should be received by the sender from the State Pollution Control Board of two states for inter-state transposition of wastes. The certificate is required to transport hazardous waste for its disposal in a facility located in some other state.

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