Hygiene Rating Auditing

Fee Structure
Date: 30/03/2023

The prescribed fee shall be paid in the form of Demand draft / bankers’ cheque in favour of Insight Quality Consultancy Services by direct transfer to ICICI BANK, Kadavanthara Branch, and Current Account 027705002848- IFSC -ICIC0000277

Activity *Fee Structure
1. FBO hygiene Rating audit – Private Organisations/Government –Funded programs Fee structure shall be decided based on the FBO’s type, size, number of food handlers & Man-days involved. Fee quotation will consider the travel, boarding and lodging involved. The proposal will be submitted by IQCS based on the application form.
2. Man-days for hygiene rating Audit

Suggested man-days for hygiene rating audits

Food Handlers

Man-days(including reporting time)




7,500 (IQCS Fee structure. For Govt. funded the rate allocated by Govt. is 3,000 including travel and GST)



10,000 excluding travel and GST (IQCS Fee structure)



15,000 excluding travel and GST(IQCS fee structure)

*The fee structure may be modified periodically.


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