A.R. Narayanan

Mr. A.R. Narayanan is a leading finance and quality professional with an amazing acumen of identifying emerging more opportunities and avenues for the growth of the organization. He is a Post Graduate in Technology and Fellow of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants. He has excelled professionally with 28 years of rich experience in heading chemical and food companies. He is a great strategist and motivator for various entrepreneurs across the country. He is the guiding spirit and pillar of Insight Quality Consultancy Services. He is highly positive, energetic, and enthusiastic and give value added guidance for the continual improvement of entrepreneurs. His visionary leadership is helping the organization to grow in the right direction and diversify in the right time. He has worked in USA and has exposure to various International and National Exporting and Finance Strategies. His policy towards consultancy business is helping and guiding organizations having clear long term plans and clarity on the risk and context of their organization.

Lal George

Mr. Lal George is a pioneer in adopting tools and technologies that help us perform efficiently and help us serve clients better. He undertakes various knowledge sharing initiatives on an ongoing basis for the enrichment of the team and the clients, initiating partnerships between various consultancy and training organisations of similar nature. He holds a double post graduate degree in English and Environmental Sciences in addition to overseas qualifications in Assessor, Internal Verifier and NEBOSH Diploma. His industrial exposures of over three decades covering Africa, Middle East, Europe and India in educational & vocational training, oil & gas services, food industry related quality, training and consultancy services have given him ample experiences in education, training, quality, health, safety, environment and project management. His policy towards our human resources is holistic, and aims at attracting, retaining, developing and nurturing employees on a continuing basis.


At IQCS, we promote and develop value-driven services and training which combine the best global practices with a desire to create a positive impact on various organizations, employers and employees.

Since its inception in 1999, IQCS rise to become one of the most sought after consultancy and training organization in the country and it has a spectacular growth through various accreditations and recognitions. We meet the highest standards of value and system creation and dissemination to organizations using high end technology. Our team is actively involved not just in training, but also consultancy and entrepreneur guidance. Our qualified and experienced consultants are key members in nurturing a learning environment and in creating the business leaders in the arena where they work.

We are committed to provide high quality management consultancy services through our wide array of services and trainings. These services give both executives and organizations an opportunity to hone their skills and abilities, become more agile and build valuable competencies to achieve superior performance in the organizations and personnel life as well.

We select consultants in different sectors based on their expertise in the specific area. This is helping our organization to complete projects successfully.

Today, good management practice is hindered by various contingencies in form of structural adjustments, competition, innovation, and public-private partnership to name a few. As responsible consultants and trainers we give light to the importance of agility, transparency, quality, value, safety, integrity and stability.

From our inception to date, we ensure quality in management consultancy services and 100% success.