The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)


The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body under the department of Health and Welfare of the Indian government. This is the authority that is responsible for governing and maintaining the standard for food businesses in India. Any entrepreneur involved with processing, storage, distribution or manufacturing of food needs a proper license to be able to conduct the business. Therefore, FSSAI registration is compulsory for them and depending upon the size and nature of the business, the operator either need FSSAI License or FSSAI Registration.

Main Purpose of FSSAI

1. The primary goal of FSSAI is to protect and advance public health by establishing and enforcing food safety regulations

2. It establishes food safety standards and dispels misconceptions about food and food-related business from the minds of producers, traders, consumers, and anyone else either directly or indirectly involved in the food industry

3. Simply put, the FSSAI’s job is to make sure that the food you consume is wholesome and safe

4. For this reason, they keep an eye on the ingredients and everyone involved in the production of food, from growing it to serving it

5. They also establish objectives and plans and recently they established a goal to outlaw the use of synthetic trans fats by the year 2022.

Importance of FSSAI License

The license which is issued by the FSSAI is considered as the permit required to operate a food related business in India. As a solid food entrepreneur, you want your business to be supported by one of the tools that can help promote sales and you can use an FSSAI license for that as well. FSSAI registration in India is growing at a fast rate because of its advantages.

Benefits of an FSSAI License

1. Consumer Awareness

Today, the consumers have become more alert and informative about the quality of food which they eat. Especially after the controversy of Maggi, consumers started taking the food safety standards seriously. Thus, all food business operators are proving that they have the FSSAI licence, because it provides you with a direct benefit of growing the customer base at a faster rate.

2.Legal Advantage

Most of the businessman have misconception that getting an FSSAI license is an expensive, time consuming and an inconvenient process of documentation and they try to avoid getting the license. But, in reality, the process is not so difficult and we can help you get the license with ease. The actual cost which is required for the license is less than what you will have to pay for penalties if you are caught. It is thus advisable for businessman to firstly get the license before you officially open your business. Insight Quality Consultancy Services is the best quality consultancy services in Kerala which assists companies in the food industry in achieving FSSAI registration.

3.Using the FSSAI Logo:

Once you obtain a FSSAI license or registration, you can display and use FSSAI logo in your branding. You can utilize the FSSAI logo skillfully in your menu card and announce your food’s boss quality over others and it will help you in developing a brand name.

4. Business Expansion:

When the time comes for your business to expand in other areas or outlets, the license will help you to build up your reputation and capability to develop your business toward another path effortlessly. FSSAI license can also make it easier for you to get bank loans and for funding which is required for expansion. The importance of the quality standard is ever growing and having an FSSAI license is beneficial to your business in both short and long term.


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