Department of Legal Metrology stands for ensuring weights and measures. It treats units of weigh-ment and measurement, methods of weighment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments in relation to the mandatory technical and legal requirement which have the object of ensuring public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of weighment.

The Department of Legal Metrology is a regulatory Department responsible for maintaining uniformity and accuracy in all weights and measures, weighing and measuring Instruments used by traders in all hats, markets and trading centers in the State. The study of measurement is a basic requirement in any field of science and technology, most importantly in engineering and manufacturing.

Since metrology is the study of measurement, it is expected to enforce, validate and verify predefined standards for traceability, accuracy, reliability, and precision. In case of site inspection normal time taken is less than 15 days or before the expiry of the validity period. Validity period of certificate (If applicable) is between one to two years depending upon the category of Weights, Measures, and Weighing and Measuring instruments. An Act to establish and enforce standards of weights and measures, regulate trade and commerce in weights, measures and other goods which are sold or distributed by weight, measure or number and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

We will guide the company in getting the legal metrology licenses for weights and measures.