British Retail Consortium (BRC) provides certification for Global food standard. BRC certification entails an assurance to consumers that manufacturers, brand owners and retailers of food products fulfill their legal obligations and all food safety measures on manufacture, supply, storage and packaging have been adopted to safe guard all hazards. The standard is applicable to food safety, legal requirements to meet and all precautions and diligence measures taken by the manufacturer and supplier of food products including reliable and safe packaging.

BRC with the consensus of Institute of Packaging (IOP) have established standard guidelines to provide direction to manufacturers and retail suppliers to attain the standard and discharge the legal requirements to meet the obligations as prescribed. The standard protects consumer interest by shaping a uniform basis for assessing the companies who supply the articles to the manufacturers and retailers.

  • The products of the organization and manufacturing process
  • The hazard associated with the products and manufacturing process
  • Critical production points production flows
  • Technology adopted by the organization
  • Personnel and equipments
  • Production control
  • Evaluation and monitoring system of procurement, production and logistics.
  • BRC certification brings food safety to consumers
  • Increased consumer confidence bring more value to the business
  • Improved business image and acceptability would boost sales and profit
  • Business can function in well secured conditions of food production and distribution
  • BRC protects the business interests by enabling to fulfill all legal requirements in connection with dealings in food article
  • The entities can have an advantage of strong defense against bogus or arbitrary allegations /disputes e.t.c.
  • Ensures long term interests of market recognition and customer acceptance
  • Serve to access to international market which are becoming subject to stringent regulations.