Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP certification is defined as Good Manufacturing Practices is a quality standard which ensures that the production system consistently follows quality standards to produce and control products as to the mark of intended use and marketing requirement/authorization.GMP encompasses all requirement of manufacture by defining all structural processes of manufacture, standardization of premises, personnel, system, quality control, transportation, storage and documentation. The core principle of GMP is that quality is built into the products and not merely accredited but continuously by a comprehensive manufacturing, storage, supply and distribution processes. In order to attain the objective of quality of manufacture the whole manufacturing process starting from material purchase to storage and distribution of finished goods are controlled at every stage and ensured the same are continuing throughout without any lapse of standard.

GMP encompasses a comprehensive manufacturing process of

  • Well defined production process and system
  • Flow of manufacture by indicating critical manufacturing points and phases
  • Manufacturing premises, logistics, personnel and system of quality control
  • Validated documentation procedures and rules
  • Effective internal control to trace the products through production chain
  • Well defined documentation of system and processturerses
  • System to control review and audit


  • GMP reinforces production efficiency
  • A comprehensive quality standard is ensured in all areas of enterprise operations
  • A continual and uniform quality standard is ensured
  • A consistent and steady production and allied activities are ensured to follow in line with the standards prescribed.
  • A high professionalism to the manufacturing system could be attained
  • Quality control in production and the allied activities are brought by eliminating unnecessary time and effort otherwise
  • Brings more reputation and image to the business
  • A steady and sustained progress of production is ensured